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Something from Nothing Plate #004

-Spicy truffle Mac w/Garden Veggies

Lunch is served !!! I put this pasta together pretty much with any veggies I saw in my fridge….before they expired !!!! This came out truly amazing, rich truffle and parmesan flavor. The sauce was a perfect consistency not to heavy, but still creamy and delicious!

I started the recipe with one box of the “Gourmet truffle and mushroom ,Gouda mac” I usually buy this from Aldi, for the days I want something quick. Simple, and delicious.

I boiled one box ,added some more shells to the water/sauce mix and brought it to a boil. In the meantime I sliced some red onion, red & orange sweet bell peppers, and garlic. Sautéed all that in a small pan with vegan butter, then added minced spinach and fresh parsley to the pan. I seasoned this little sauce with basil, black pepper , mixed Italian herbs , chili powder, garlic sriracha and some pink salt! Threw a splash of extra creamy oat milk, let all that goodness simmer… and boom dumped it into the pot with the pasta. I mixed everything together, added some parm and half-sliced cherry tomatoes… 25 minutes later and Voilà!! Truly the best veggie pasta I’ve ever had… vegetarian comfort food to another level!

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