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Something From Nothing! Plate#002

Loaded Chifles : 20 minutes later I was so stuffed I couldn't believe it! While I was in Ecuador I stayed at a friends house that was a local, but his house was under construction so you see I had very limited kitchen resources and learned to make do! I was home alone one afternoon and I was hot and hungry. There was a tiny refrigerator that was also a bit temperamental and when it got too hot outside she shut down to! There were some leftover black beans I made the night before, while I was munching on some plantain chips (chifles) I saw some veggies on the counter; orange bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, mini potatoes and some condiments. I made a sautee of mushroom, pepper, and potatoes seasoned with some chili and complete seasoning. I created a spicy cilantro aioli with red pepper flake package I found in my wallet, some minced cilantro ,mayonnaise and spices! I topped the chifles with the beans, mushroom sautee and spicy cilantro aoili! A creation none of us knew we needed! You can check out the full process on my food account on Instagram @jellimaid

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