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Something From Nothing! Plate#001

Meatball Dinner : This plate was created under the pressure of being exhausted from the gym and not wanting to cook! Nevertheless I opened the freezer and saw some chicken meatballs ,which I'm not entirely the biggest fan of so I decided to spice things up. I made this sauce with lots of garlic I started with a tomato base added a dash of BBQ ,A1 and Mojo. I finely chopped some onions and red sweet peppers to caramelize into the sauce and added my own seasonings, consisting of more herbs, for example: oregano, thyme and chili. My sweet, spicy ,tangy and smokey sauce was the perfect creation to side with my garlic herb special mash (I'll explain later what makes it special!) and kale crunch salad ! You can try this at home with those meatballs that have been sitting in your freezer for how long?...

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