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The Back Story

I’ve always followed my heart and it’s gotten me this far. I’m highly intuitive and draw inspiration from the world around me. Modeling has been a passion of mine since I was a child. My hobbies consisted of cooking, painting and always playing with hair. I learned fast in life that every moment counts and it takes hard work to pursue your dreams, so I turned my hobbies into my career!

   I got into modeling for the love of the industry and to get involved in projects that uplift my community and inspire other Afro Latina women like myself. I was raised to appreciate everything I have and to use what's in front of me, making me very resourceful and creative. To me a model is a form of a leader, the type of leader that guides you and teaches you to become the best version of you. Beauty is something we find beneath the surface and I want to be an inspiration to young ladies like me. 

   On this website, I created a portfolio of pictures in collaboration with some awesome photographers. You will also find my Instagram page that gives you an insight about my hair consultations and styles for both men and women. And as my favorite hobby I designed a cooking blog: Something From Nothing, which will be updated regularly. The blog has different meals I've created with random ingredients I had in the kitchen, giving ideas on how to make something out of nothing!

Browse my entire Model Portfolio for examples of my latest work and contact information. Like what you see? If you’d like to collaborate, please get in touch.

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